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I thought I would post some photo’s of my front and back lawns, visiting our customers we see a variety of different lawns at different drought stages.

My lawns are both different, the front is quite exposed to the elements with a heavy tree line  divided by council land which is in extremely poor condition, there is a path separating my lawn from this. We are fortunate (at the moment that it benefits from shade for most of the day)

Now, I wont say it has been easy to achieve our results, the key factors are, watering, cutting regularly and most importantly water – we are currently watering every other evening, you can find some tips on cutting the lawn here; Cutting your lawn

Front lawn

The rear lawn is different altogether – it backs onto a cul-de-sac and is extremely exposed – especially to the sun. We have placed a sign on there to stop the Council from cutting it.


Rear Lawn 951142c6-df41-4bdf-a030-75751c17f5ad Around the edges the grass became scorched due to the heat from the tarmac and paving slabs, so we dug out about 5cm to enable the soil to not get too hot. This is watered every other evening, the soil quality is poor, however very nice results can be gained by applying treatments and following our hints and tips.


If you would like some advice, tips or even to begin lawn treatments give us a call or fill out the contact sheet below.


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