Lawn recovery


The Summer hasn’t been kind to our lawns, especially when we should be utilising and enjoying these spaces to their greatest effect. Watering helps, of course, but you have to water consistently and at the right time of day, also cutting the grass, at the right height with the right type of mower is as important as is keeping the lawn clear of light obstructions (paddling pools, slides, tents etc.)

Many people are actually afraid to water their lawn, indeed I faced a minor backlash when I engaged in a Facebook debate on the This Morning ITV Facebook page, indeed one individual called me a “disgrace” , another “the cause of the death of humanity” , another called me “selfish” – but I am certain that the vast majority are watering their flower beds and baskets and probably refilling their hot tubs and 10ft Fast set pools – so why shouldn’t you be allowed to water your lawn?

With the correct watering regimeย Watering your lawn , wetting agentย What are wetting agents? Lawn treatment schedule, your lawn could and should resemble mine – this is the current view of my front lawn.


Lawn treatments are vital to ensure healthy root growth, the roots are the most important factor of grass, al the nutrients are stored there, with unhealthy roots, the lawn wont survive for long

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