Are DIY purchased Lawn treatments any good?

If you ever wondered if it’s going to be a lot easier and cheaper to source and apply lawn treatments yourself… I will now put forward a case as to why it can lead to a whole lot of extra work and expense.

DIY stores, even supermarkets sell a wide range of products which claim to achieve amazing results for your lawn, however caution should be a key factor when purchasing and applying these products.

There is a very well-known brand of weedkiller on the market, many customers will go for this brand due to the targeted promotional activity – However many people do not realise that the product they are spraying the dandelions, clover and daisies with is actually a TOTAL weed killer – It will kill EVERY plant it touches including grass.

Unfortunately these areas will require raking back, digging down and reseeding.

What is so different with us? Well….. Did you know weeds have hormones? our selective herbicide weed killers will only target weeds – they won’t affect the grass. We have to have a pesticide spraying qualification Β We force the weeds to grow too quickly so their roots system collapses! Weeds gone .. grass allowed to grow – considerably cheaper and quicker than the DIY option!

Fertiliser has its own problems – over spread and the grass will burn, put on the wrong formula in teh wrong season or weather conditions – the grass will grow too quickly destroying the root system, or the grass growing season could be delayed.

Always place your trust in the professionals – we know what we are doing!

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