What a year this was!

As we approach the end of 2018, we thought it would be great to reflect upon a year in which we surpassed our first year of independent trading and also expereinced extremes of weather in some most bizarre seasons.

Winter 2018.

Remember this? it seems so far away, yet it set the scene for a challenging year ahead.

The Winter was mild yet wet in the South, this was great in many respects for our lawns, but also presented a huge challenge which is still having a few knock on effects even now – moss.

Moss flourishes in the conditions presented by our Winter, even the best lawns had an element of moss present, we could apply an iron based killer to the lawns, but this will turn the moss a horrible shade of black and become an eyesore for the whole season, afterall the areas will still need scarifying and reseeding , so we decided our best course of action was to wait for the spring to arrive.

We utilised tow different types of fertiliser during the winter period – as the temperature was higher than expected we adjusted the treatments to suit the conditions.

Spring 2018

Finally we were able to commence our aeration, scarifying and seeding process – or so we thought – the weather changed, we had a number of hard frosts, sunny weather and then snow! the poor lawns didint have a clue as to what to do – stay dormant or grow ? most went dormant to await warmer weather – and boy that came later!

The issue with the Spring not really happening was evident in seeding – the seed would not germinate – it remained dormant and effedtively doubled the expected germination time frame, a far from ideal situation. All we could do was wait – but a special mention to all the framing community out there who really suffered, their crops were beginning to fall maassively behind schedule.

We were switching fertilisers almost by the day to tackle to different conditions. In ideal conditions, we would be applying a high strength nitrogen feed to kick start the lawns into growth , releasing the stored nutrients from the Autumn and Winter – but the frost and snow put a stop to this plan.

Again we had to sit out the weather to hopefully reap the benefit of the standard British Summer….

We did manage to scarify and seed a number of lawns during the Spring.


Summer 2018

A memorable Summer…. we are lucky to have this as our career, the weather was just amazing, if nothing else it ensured we dried ourselves out from the Winter and Spring!

Everything was growing, life was the best , we were having a great time… but then the days turned to weeks then months .. where was the rain?!  so again we had to revise our strategy, we could not apply the high strength feed as this would need watering in and could scorch the grass… so we switched fertiliser and introduced an organic feed – the results were pleasing ! and we certainly have this ace up our sleeve if we encounter these conditions again.

We launched our website in the Summer and began to blog with hints and tips Watering your lawn was written due to the bad press us gardeners were receiving and also due to the rumour circulating regarding a hosepipe ban (which never occurred) Lawn recovery was written so our readers could understand what was happening to their lawn in a period of drought, Why having a lawn is great for the Environment was in response to all the gossip around having artificial lawns. Other blogs can be found by clicking the blogs icon on the homepage.

Summer lawn at its peak

This is our lawn in the height of Summer, we receieved a lot of positive comments regarding this, a key point is the amount of money spent on watering this area is alot more economical than remedial repair work required to rectify the drought damage.

Autumn 2018

Autumn was late this year, the trees finally shed their leaves around Halloween through to the second week in December. The colours were amazing, but leaves should come with a warning, they are seriously hazardous to your lawn if left to rot.

Autumn is a Season where lawncare is quite simple but can be labour intensive, keep the lawn clear, allow as much sunlight onto the grass as possible – you will not regret this when Spring comes around. Autumn Lawn care provides more detail and we also cover worm casts in the blog.

We wil be writing up Winter and Spring Lawn care blogs in due course, so keep an eye out on the website and Facebook.

2018 has been a year to remember for us, our 1st anniversary, but also on a personal front, a challenging year. We have had to vacate our family home due to a leak caused by an installation of a water softener and then subsequent discovery and exposure to asbestos. We should be home by March 2019 so we would like to thank our friends for their support and also each and every one of our customers without whom, we would not be able to love the work we do.

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