What is Scarification?

As we very quickly approach the end of the growing season we are busy scarifying and reseeding to ensure our customers have a great head start for the following Spring

Scarification removes excessive thatch, moss and weeds, all which will hinder lawn growth. Scarification is an important process in working towards achieving a healthy , lush, green lawn. When any material is removed from a lawn, it should be replaced, in our case we seed.

Seeding is not just a process of scattering seed, we prepare the ground,apply a wetting agent,What are wetting agents? apply a preseed (to aid germination),an appropriate seed for your lawn and then apply a layer of compost using our brilliant Topdresser

We can seed up until mid October, this is often questioned but through experience we are able to offer this service without any concern, after all the air temperature is cooler , the soil temperature is warm and there is a high likelihood of rain – perfect germination conditions!


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