Ants in my lawn – What should I do?


Ants are generally welcome in our lawns, but they can pose significant damage to turf grass. Controlling ants in the lawn becomes important where their nest building causes root damage to grass and unsightly mounds. Ant hills cause uneven ground and can impact the effectiveness of grass cutting.

Treating ants is a quick and effective process if carried out correctly. NEVER pour boiling water onto a lawn, this will kill the grass and will result in an unsightly dead patch which will need removing and reseeding. Using your garden spade push a slit into the nest, pull back to form a V and squeeze ant powder into the gap. Close over and stamp down. This will kill off the colony, however the nest will need retreating in around 6 months as ants will recolonise.

Any questions please just give us a call.

If you are experiencing a larger outbreak of ant nests or feel that wiping out a colony with ant powder is not where you want to be, we highly recommend nematodes available from

No Ants Nematodesย 

Nemasys No Ants is a product containing microscopic worms (nematodes) which are natural predators of ants. The ants do not tolerate the nematodes near their nests and move their nests away from these areas. Ants are not killed by Nemasys No Ants, but leave the area that has been treated.

Apply when ant activity is visible on top of the lawn, which is typically April through to September to moist lawns when the soil temperature is above 10ยบC (50ยบF) and water them in well. Make sure the lawn does not dry out for at least two weeks after applying nematodes.

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