What is Autumn Lawn care?


Autumn lawn feed? Why?

A lawn feed is imperative – this roots which have been under so much stress during the drought need some help – we apply a granular based fertiliser enriched with nutrients to help the blades re-establish and take some of the pressure off those roots, which lets face it have done a magnificent job !

So we bring the lawn back to life … now what? well it still needs cutting so set that blade high and give it a good trim – weekly – now the important bit … Pick up all those cuttings and whilst you are there, make sure all obstacles are removed, the football, the swingball racket, the tennis ball, your lawn needs your help – the days will become shorter so daylight will come at a premium – allow as much light onto your lawn as physically possible.

G Felce

The leaves are stunning as they fall – however if left, they inhibit light into your lawn and they will rot into your gorgeous lawn and kill the grass – making Spring a costly exercise requiring reseeding – only tip here is – get rid asap!

leaves 2leaves


Worm casts become extremely apparent around September – I wont go into detail as to what they exactly are but lets just say they resemble a high street the morning after a boozy night out – usually by a kebab shop!

worm casts

Now the key to these are – don’t tread on them, wait for them to dry out, then rake or brush back over the lawn – don’t mow a lawn with these present – they make an awful mess.

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