Watering your lawn


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Watering a lawn has become a contentious issue, as a lawn owner you are faced with 2 options, 1 to have a healthy appearing lawn which has a lush green look or the other to have a lawn devoid of any colour other than a yellow / white combination with a straw like feel and appearance.
Watering is key to having a beautiful lawn, it is one of three key factors that are required to deliver fantastic results.
We recommend watering at least three times a week, if seeding has taken place, water daily , if not more frequently as the soil should not dry out.
Your lawn is under a huge amount of stress, but it is actually quite clever and resilient, the lawn will turn dormant to protect the nutrients present in the roots, it will stop growing. Lawns that suffer from drought go through 3 key stages, 2 of which will ensure your lawn will recover, but it can be at a cost to the appearance, the third is more of an issue and we are seeing a number of lawns that will or have already entered this critical stage.
Stage 1 Temporary lawn drought


The area in the middle here will have blades of grass slightly folding down, if pressed they take a little while to return to an upright position, the greener area blades will effectively spring back upright.
To resurrect the lawn, a good watering (regularly – ideally daily) is required, it can take up to a week to make a difference. It should be noted that the best time to water a lawn is early morning, alternatively if unable to do so ,an evening watering is effective – but fungi is likely to develop due to the lawn being damp for a long period of time.
A wetting agent is extremely likely to help resolve this What are wetting agents?
Stage 2 Permanent drought


This is likely to happen in particularly dry conditions and an absence of water, this picture shows the majority of the lawn in a permanent drought condition with a temporary drought towards the edge. This lawn is probably shaded towards the top edge for a longer period of a day.
The blades have been permanently damaged, but the roots are ok. Watering for around 6 -8 weeks and a few cuts will be required to restore the grass to its original condition.
Stage 3 History drought

Here you can see a severely damaged lawn, there has been an excessive period of no water, the blades have died off, the roots are dead. Only solution here is to scarify the ground and reseed or relay turf.
If you are unsure – please give us a call or drop us a message

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