Winter (dormant) Lawns

As we await the inevitable cold spell that Winter brings (for us particularly February), your lawn is going to be well ahead of the game in anticipation.

You will probably have stopped worrying about cutting the lawn back in October, as the lawn will have either slowed done with its growing or stopped completely. Similar to trees shedding their leaves to conserve energy, the grass will store nutrients within the root system , so having strong healthy roots is paramount to providing a base for the grass to survive unscathed through the Autumn and Winter.

Expect your grass (depends on the species in your lawn) to turn yellow, don’t worry its normal and will recover excellently (dependent upon the root structure and strength), if the right nutrients are stored within the roots.

With specialist lawn treatments, we provide the right mix at the correct time to help the lawn Spring recovery. Should I treat my lawn in the Winter?

Aeration either side of the Winter is extremely beneficial, as is scarification if required,

Top tips for Winter;

  • Keep lawns clear of obstructions – encourage as much light as possible onto the grass
  • If flooding occurs, fork holes or provide drainage to remove excess water
  • Try to stay off the lawn as much as physically possible as the blades are fragile and will become damaged very easily
  •  If frost has occurred, stay off (if possible) until this has thawed
  •  Snow can be an incubator, but it is best to remove at the earliest opportunity – resist building a snowman of piling snow on the grass as this will starve the grass of light


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